Slatted Bedstead

Product No: 800X-BSL

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  • 8004-42BD Hampstead Oak 90cm Bedstead
  • 8004-43BD Hampstead Oak 135cm Bedstead
  • 8004-44BD Hampstead Oak 150cm Bedstead
  • 8005-42BD Hampstead Two Tone 90cm Bedstead
  • 8005-43BD Hampstead Two Tone 135cm Bedstead
  • 8005-44BD Hampstead Two Tone 150cm Bedstead
  • 8006-42BD Hampstead White 90cm Bedstead
  • 8006-43BD Hampstead White 135cm Bedstead
  • 8006-44BD Hampstead White 150cm Bedstead
  • 8007-43BD Hampstead Soft Grey & Pale Oak 135cm Bedstead
  • 8007-44BD Hampstead Soft Grey & Pale Oak 150cm Bedstead
  • 8008-43BD Hampstead Soft Grey & Walnut 135cm Slatted Bedstead
  • 8008-44BD Hampstead Soft Grey & Walnut 150cm Slatted Bedstead
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